The Community

The Stay@Home Attorney is a blog devoted to women attorneys who are working hard to build legal practices from the comfort of their own homes.

I know these dedicated professionals work in all areas of the law.  They are striving to help their clients start businesses, buy homes, or secure the future for themselves and their loved ones.  Whether by chance or by choice, they just happen to be working on their client’s files at the kitchen table or in a spare bedroom.

After a few years working in my own home-grown firm, I noticed that those attorneys working from home have a few things in common:

  • Most of us are women with children trying to achieve that so-called “work/life balance” thing everyone keeps talking about;
  • We spend a lot of time doubting ourselves, feeling like we’re not “real” lawyers because we don’t have fancy office space and all of the other lawyerly trappings; and
  • We all need a network of attorneys to support our work, so we can ask questions, get advice and referrals, and make new friends who understand our particular challenges.  Basically, we need support from other attorneys who get what we’re doing.

I started this site in January 2013 to bring women stay-at-home attorneys together.  Most of us work for ourselves, by ourselves.  That can be lonely.  But with the power of the internet (and WordPress) I want to start a dialog to help each other overcome our obstacles, network, and build a community.

If you are one of these women, I hope you decide to join the community.

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