Today started out like most days.

I hopped out of bed, got my daughter ready and off too school, then got myself ready for the day.

Then it happened.

As I was blow-drying my hair, I noticed something was wrong, VERY wrong.

My hair is completely lopsided.  My left side is longer than the right.  It’s also uneven.  One section is an inch longer than the one right next to it!  It’s so bad that my husband noticed.

No, I’m not dreaming.  No, it wasn’t the result of a sleep walking episode involving scissors.

How the heck did this happen?!?

My hair stylist did this to me.  The person that I’ve trusted for over 4 years to make me look my best hacked my hair.

Yesterday, I went in to get my hair cut and highlighted.  My stylist worked her “magic” then puffed it up with volumizer and hair spray and I went on my merry way without a care in the world, unaware of the problem sitting on top of my head.

And all it took was one careless error.

My hair style hasn’t changed much during all of our years together.  Sometimes it’s a long bob (a LOB in styling terms) and sometimes I go a bit shorter.  But it’s a bob.

She should know my hair by now.

Then I remembered.  My stylist started to part my hair on the wrong side of my head.  I let her know where the natural part is, and she started cutting and we started chatting about vacations and the kids.

So I started playing around with the part this morning, and wouldn’t you know it, the cut looks a lot better if I part my hair in a different spot.  Unfortunately, the spot is so far over on the side of my head (literally above my left temple) that my hair looks ridiculous that way too.

I now have to trek back to the salon early tomorrow morning to get it fixed.  (Yes, I have to live like this for the next 24 hours.)  I also know that in order to even it out, my hair is going to be A LOT shorter than I want it to be.  It’s already too short to put it in a pony tail, something I could easily do before yesterday.

Believe me, I’ve tried to put in a pony tail so I can go out in public without people staring at my hair.  (Did I mention that it’s bad enough that my husband noticed?!?)

So what’s the lesson here?

Do your best work all the time.  Pay attention to details.  Make sure you take really good care of your loyal clients.  In fact, treat every client as if they were coming to you for the first time and you need to make the best impression, even if you’re old friends.

I recommend my stylist to anyone who is looking for a new hair dresser.  I typically love her and my hair. But what if this was my first hair cut with her?  Would I go back?  Maybe, to get it fixed, but I wouldn’t book another appointment.

I would just move on to the stylist down the street, because there are literally hundreds of them to choose from.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend her.

In fact, if this was my first experience with her, I might even call her out by name in this blog, with a picture of my crazy hair, warning people to stay away from her chair.

As a loyal customer, I hate to call my stylist out, but tomorrow her boss, the owner of the salon, is going to see me sitting back in the chair and wonder why, if she doesn’t already know.   This morning I had to beg the receptionist to get me in as early as possible to get my hair fixed, so the word it out.

This sucks for her and for me.