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If something isn’t working for you, change it.

We can’t change the past.  We don’t know the future.  We do however live in the present where we have some control.

Seize it.

Take control of your life.

How?  The only way we can do that is to be honest about what’s right in our lives and what’s not.

That’s what 2013 has been about for me.  What do I like?  What don’t I like?  Where can I make changes?

Guess what I discovered?  My law firm’s not working for me.  Not in its current incarnation, so I’m doing a major business overhaul, one that might actually move me right out of law practice all together.

That’s some pretty scary stuff to admit.

I’ve been an attorney for 15 years.  I know how to be an attorney.  Abandoning that means that I don’t know what my future looks like.  But you know what?  It’s either I enter an unknown phase in my life or continue to be miserable.

So many people keep doing what they’ve always done, like it or not, because they’re afraid of change.  I was that way, but not anymore.  A traditional law practice doesn’t make me happy, and my unhappiness affects the people around me.

I love them more, I love myself more, than the uncomfortableness of uncertainty.