First Day of KIt’s back to school time for the Proia Family!

Along with this new school year, comes a new school and new adventures.

This means making new friends, wearing a uniform, and being more independent.  (It was particularly hard to have to drop her off at the outside door yesterday morning instead of walking her into her classroom. Neither my daughter nor I shed any tears but we both came close.  (She told me she wanted to cry, but she was brave.)

This also means some changes for her parents.  The school is very dependent on parent participation.  How dependent?  Parents serve the students lunch.  So once a month I will be on lunch monitor duty.  This is something I’m actually looking forward to.  I love to get that little glimpse of my daughter in a world where I’m not so much a part of.

In spite of the new time commitment, I’m actually excited for the start of the school year.  (OK, I know that I lamented the end of summer in my last post, but I had a great summer, and who really wants summer to end?)

Why am I excited?  I like the return to a familiar routine.  I find that it makes my work life and my home life run better.  (I also found summer camp to be a tremendous amount of work.  There was SO MUCH laundry.)

Also, a new school year means new beginnings.  It’s almost like New Year’s Day when you think about it.  And do I have a lot of new plans for my business, IP made simple.  I worked all summer on some projects that I can’t wait to debut this Fall.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend.  Enjoy the last hurrah of Summer!