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Happy Monday morning, Everyone!

The family got back from NH yesterday afternoon after a great long weekend away.

We played in the pool. (My hubby and I felt like little kids on the water slides.) We spent a fun-filled Saturday at Storyland. We had some of the best pizza EVER at the Flatbread Pizza Company in North Conway. Our trip was great (except for the lumpy hotel beds and bad pillows, but I can live with that for 2 nights.)

I have to admit that I love traveling and exploring new places. That was my favorite benefit when I worked in-house. Most of my clients were away, so I traveled a lot. Chicago, California, London, Italy…Oh, how I miss those days.

Now my work makes me a homebody except when we take some time as a family to get away. It may not be Paris, but I do get a great thrill out of seeing new places through my daughter’s eyes, even Storyland.

This quick trip just happens to coincide with one of my busiest (and maybe one of the hottest) weeks of the summer, and I thought it might be nice to share a few of the events that I’ll be attending this week.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 16, I will be attending “Learn from the Experts in Startup Marketing Labs!” It’s an event put on by a meetup.com group that I belong to: the Boston Area B2B Startup Marketing Group. I’m super-excited for 4 hours of marketing advice from experts in branding, PR, inbound marketing, automation, etc. They’re going to talk marketing challenges and provide advice for tackling them successfully. If you’re in the Boston area you might want to check it out. All the details are here.

On Wednesday, July 17, I am the featured speaker for Lunch Lab at Founders League in Providence, RI. The topic is Intellectual Property 101 and I’ll be giving a short presentation followed by lots of Q&A. If you’re in the area and you work with startups and entrepreneurs, think about coming down. There should be some great networking opportunities. Sign up here.

Finally on Thursday, July 18, there’s a Boston Legal Innovation Meetup event from 6 – 7:30 pm at Suffolk University. This is a new Meetup group for those who are interested in the future of legal services, legal education, and legal technology. Again, if you are in the Boston area on Thursday night, this is a great opportunity to learn and network. More information can be found here.

If you’re in the area and you have time, I’d love to meet-up with you at any of these events. Let me know if you’ll be attending.

Well, that’s my busy schedule. How about you? Are you doing anything exciting this week? If so, let us know where we can find you this week in the comments below.

Stay cool, everyone!