Welcome to the Stay@Home Attorney!

What is the Stay@Home Attorney?

The Stay@Home Attorney is a community of like-minded women attorneys who are pursuing their legal careers from their homes.

It is a place for us to share our thoughts and ideas, learn from one another, and grow as attorneys and business owners.

It is a place of encouragement and support, where we can feel comfortable with the life and work choices we have made.

It is the start of a conversation that I hope grows beyond my small voice to encompass the community at large.


At the Stay@Home Attorney, we will discuss our businesses, our challenges, our fears, and our triumphs.  We will look at what motivates me and you to step off the well-beaten path and strike out on our own.  Mistakes and life lessons?  Yeah, they’ll be covered too.  And so will our joys and successes.

Does this sound like a conversation you want to be a part of?  GREAT!

All voices are welcome, so join in the conversation!